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Chinese language courses in Kiev

Chinese language course includes 3 levels and is counted on 5 semesters:

1.                  elementary (2 semesters)

2.                  intermediate (2 semesters)

3.                  advanced (1 semester)

The semester is counted on 100 academic hours (4 month)

1 lesson lasts 2 academic hours (100 minutes = 1 hour 40 minutes)

After finishing the semester and successful completing of the test you get the certificate.


On our course you can prepare for following  exams:

1.                  HSK (Shuiping Kaoshi)

HSK  - test on knowing standard Madarin language orientated to foreigners

Qualification  exam in Chinese – HSK or Shuiping Kaoshi  - in aims and structure is similar to TOEFL. The certificate obtained according the test results allows you to pretend to getting a job in China or studying in universities of the country. Also it gives priorities in applying for Chinese  and jointed Russian-Chinese, Ukrainian –Chinese companies or organizations that collaborate with China.

Those who take exam can identify the level they are pretending in advance: beginner, elementary, intermediate or advanced. Obtained certificate once does not expire and does not need approval. the exam can be retaken unlimited amount of times to get higher level certificate.

The exam is in form of test and includes  the tasks  which check the listening skills, vocabulary, grammar and reading.

The HSK exam holds in many countries in the world in determinate time under the control and participation of  the representatives of diplomatic missions of China. The test materials are sent into China. The results  and certificates are received from there.

TOP (Test of Proficiency-Huayu)

TOP ( engl. Test of Proficiency-Huayu) – Thai test of knowing Chinese.

Test of  identifying  the level of knowing Chinese  TOP (Test of Proficiency-Huayu) was worked out by Administrative committee of testing Chinese language TOP (SC-TOP). at first the test was taken in 2003 in Taiwan. Since that time the conditions for its taking were created in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain, Vietnam, Germany, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Canada, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Russia, the USA, Thailand  and Philippines, France Switzerland and Japan. in the nearest future creating of new foreign centers, which will provide the testing, is planned.

TOP is  oriented to people who are not native speakers. There are four levels of test: beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced. The results of Chinese language test  TOP are important part of application form for Taiwan Scholarship.

Practical use of the test results: in case if the results of the tests correspond necessary  requirements, the participant  obtains the certificate which approves Chinese language knowledge.


The certificate can be used:

·                    while applying for Taiwan Scholarship

·                    as a document which approves Chinese language level of candidates for committee  on entering the university by foreign students

·                     while applying for participation in academic program of Taiwan university or college

·                    as approval Chinese language level for job placement

Test levels:

·         beginner for those who attended Chinese language course more than 360 hours in countries where Chinese is not state language or knows 800 words.

·         elementary for those who attended Chinese language course 720-960 hours in countries where Chinese is not state language or knows 1500 words.

·         intermediate for those who attended Chinese language course 960-1920 hours in countries where Chinese is not state language or knows 5000 words.

·         advanced for those who attended Chinese language course more than 1920 hours in countries where Chinese is not state language or knows 8000 words.

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