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English course is designed for 6 terms:

  • Beginners
  • Elementary
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-Intermediate
  • Advanced

Each term is calculated for 100 academic hours (4 months)

One lesson lasts two academic hours (100 min = one hour and 40 min)

After the term is finished and a final test is passed successfully the certificate is given out.

At our Educational center you can prepare for the following exams:

Cambridge exams on Total English Proficiency(Cambridge ESOL (EnglishForSpeakersofOtherLanguages) Examinations).

There belong five main exams for defining and confirming a level of English language proficiency - KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE.

KET (KeyEnglishTest)is counted for the candidates with basic knowledge of English language (Pre-Intermediate level). In order to pass the exam successfully you must have basic writing and reading skills and be able to hold an elementary conversation as well.

PET (PreliminaryEnglishTest)is the exam for the candidates with Pre-intermediate level of English knowledge. To achieve the PET certificate a student must be proficient in written and verbal English, which is satisfactory for every day communication.

FCE (FirstCertificateinEnglish) is the most popular Cambridge exam. It is designed for upper-Intermediate students. To succeed in FCE exam you must be a confident user of English in everyday situations and in business English. The Certificate given after the exam is considered to be enough for entering some universities of England.

CAE (CertificateofAdvancedEnglish) is the exam approving the level of fluent English (Advanced). The owner of the CAE certificate gets a right to enter most British universities or receive a job in EU countries.

CPE (CertificateofProficiencyinEnglish) is the most difficult among Cambridge exams. In order to receive the CPE certificate a student must have the proficient command of English (Proficiency).


Preparation for IELTS і TOEFL


TOEFL (TestofEnglishas a ForeignLanguage) is one of the most famous tests of English as a foreign language. TOEFL certificate is the necessary demand for entering foreign (especially American) universities and business schools for MBA programs, for participating in training courses as well as immigration or foreign employment.

IELTS (InternationalEnglishLanguageTestingSystem) is the exam necessary for education in universities, immigration or job placement in Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Preparations for GMAT and GRE

GMAT (GraduateManagementAssessmentTest) is the test to estimate the language proficiency as well as mathematical and analytical skills. It is required when entering business schools for MBA programs. The GMAT test requires very high level of preparation and language proficiency must correspond to CAE or CPE levels.

GRE (GraduateRecordExaminations) is the exam for entering a postgraduate course or master programs of American universities. As well as GMAT GRE requires Advanced or Proficient knowledge of English.


Cambridge exams for business English proficiency

BEC (BusinessEnglishCertificate)
is the exam for those who works or is going to work in international companies. There are three kinds of BEC exams designed for the candidates with different levels of English knowledge:

BEC Preliminary (BusinessEnglishCertificatePreliminary) is the exam tailored to prove the Intermediate level of English proficiency.

BEC Vantage (BusinessEnglishCertificateVantage) is the exam worked out to prove the Upper-Intermediate level of English proficiency.

BEC Higher (BusinessEnglishCertificateHigher) is the test for confirming the Advanced level of English proficiency.



Professional Cambridge exams:

ILEC (InternationalLegalEnglishCertificate)is the exam for estimating the knowledge of English in the sphere of jurisprudence on the levels starting from Intermediate and going up to Advanced. The ILEC certificate is necessary for those who want to study in law departments of foreign universities or is planning a career in international law companies.

ICFE (InternationalCertificateinFinancialEnglish) is a new Cambridge exam estimating the knowledge of English language finance and accounting areas starting from Intermediate level and going up to  Advanced. ICPE is a demand for accountants, financiers, bankers and auditors, who plan an employment in international companies.

 The system of levels





Entry level

Survival level




I understand and can talk using familiar phrases and very simple constructions to solve particular tasks in everyday situations. I can introduce myself and others as well as ask simple questions on private business. I can also take part in primitive dialogues if my counterpart speaks slowly and distinctly.

Preparatory level (Waystage)





Iunderstandseparatesentencesandthemostfrequentlyusedphrasesthattouchupontheimportanttopicforme (suchasmaininformationaboutmyselfandmyfamily, purchases, placewhereIliveandwork). I can exchange simple information on a familiar topic.




Advanced level

Threshold level





I understand main statements of the distinctly set phrases within the bounds of literary norms on the topics I acquainted with. I can socialize in the most of the situations that occur while staying in a foreign country. I can make up a simple coherent text on familiar or interesting topics for me. I can describe my personal impressions.

Threshold vantage level


FCE (FirstCertificateinEnglish)



Iunderstandthemainideaofdifficulttextsofspecificorabstractcharacter. I also understand professional discussions in the sphere of my specialization. I can freely take part in the dialogues with native speakers being hardly prepared for it. I can explain my point of view about an important problem and give arguments in favour or against something.





Proficient level

Proficiency level



CAE (CertificateinAdvancedEnglish)


Iunderstandvariouscomplicateddetailedtextsandidentifyimplicitmeaningscontainedinthem. Without any preparation I can fluently express my thoughts feeling no difficulties in choosing words. My language is remarkable for variability of language devices and the accuracy of applying them in the situations of everyday, educational or specializedsocializing. I can form precise, logical, extended sentences on complicated topics.

Master level




CPE (CertificateofProficiencyinEnglish)



 Icaneasilyunderstandanyverbalorwritteninformation. I can summarize the information taken from different verbal or written sources and present it as a precisely grounded connected sentence. I can freely and distinctly express my thoughts even on complicated issues with conveying different shadows of meanings.

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