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·                      Young and successful people who learn foreign languages for career;

·                    Pupils, high school students;

·                    Students who are preparing for passing international tests in English, German, Spanish, French (TOEFL, FCE, IELST,KET, PET, DELF/DALF, DELE…);

·                    Average people who learn foreign languages for self-development and self-improvement;

·                     Among corporate clients  there are students who are employees in Ministries, invest, pharmaceutical, building companies, law firms, advertising and assurance agencies, medical and bank workers;

·                    Foreigners who study Russian and Ukrainian;

·                    Companies that need translating  maintenance during negotiations and document translation;

·                    Students, post-graduate students who need translation for research work;

·                    Publishing companies, newspapers and magazines that translate materials;


Our corporate customers recommendations

Shell Retail Ukraine

Представительство «ШеффлерАвтомотивАфтермаркет ОХГ» в Украине           


Страховая компания «Гарант-Система»

Банк Форум

«Шеффлер КГ» Представительство в Украине



Special offer to the New Year 2017

On the eve of the New Year everyone always expects a miracle and fulfillment of desires. We have prepared a lot of gifts for our customers and want to give everyone the opportunity to celebrate the...