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    Preparations for the 2012 ZNO cues    
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Preparing for ZNO v Kiev

Preparation for EIT (Externalindependenttesting)


The peculiarity of preparation for EIT in the Educational Center “Osvitabezkordoniv” is the fact that we not only study traditional school program with our students but also provide a great deal of additional knowledge to help you find a proper answer.


Our main method consists in the logical exercises that help you in a logical way to find a right answer on those questions that are beyond the so called exact ones and help to check our logical way of thinking.


Great variety of language and literature information in the base of our Center proves 100 per cent in choosing the best educational materials for passing any kinds of tests.


Our characteristic method is a training technique: we teach our students to allocate their time correctly on task fulfilling, priority of task fulfilling, psychological preparation for the exam, the technique of personal excluding of wrong answers etc.


Taking into account the experience of previous years in preparing of our students for the testing system of examination we can be confident in claiming that the successfulness and effectiveness were one hundred per cent. Even those pupils who had low marks at school (5-6 marks) succeeded at our lessons and improved their grades significantly (8-9 marks) according to the school system of education.


 Educational Center “Osvitabezkordoniv” provides the preparation of pupils for Externalindependenttestingin the following directions:

-          English language

-          German language

-          Ukrainian language and literature



Terms of study:

Classes are held in mini-groups and individually.

Group lessons are held in mini-groups with 3-6 students in each one.

Classes start twice a week at 4.15 p.m.


Individual lessons are tailored to our students and can be held a most suitable time for you. The timetable is set individually.


Price of study:

Group classes – 520 UAN/month (for 8 lessons)

Individual classes – 180 UAN for two academic hours (100 min) 

For quarantine - online lessons, -50% discount!

In connection with the introduction of quarantine, we are switching to distance learning and the mode of operation.

We will contact you as soon as possible